Why remote assistance ability in healthcare industry is a must?

Augmented Reality

The last few weeks have been distressing for us. In our bustling lives, it never crossed our minds that even before you know it, a virus can wrack the whole world. Although medical science has met many crises over the ages, the concern is rising as to how the world shall battle with such a rapidly-spreading disease to which a cure has not yet been found. The healthcare sector here plays a crucial role in society to uncover how to rescue and remake ourselves.  

Things have taken a turn, and we are all burdened with how to maintain our efficacy at work while supporting our workforce and clients. Travels are restricted, while organizations are trying to manage both customer and company operations working remotely and effectively. Now, this is our new reality.  

What can be a smarter way to beat all these?  

The answer is Augmented Reality. As the world takes a stand against COVID-19, technology plays a pivotal role in communication, research, and training. Augmented Reality (AR) allows digital information to superimpose into our physical environment. During this global pandemic, with most of us at our homes right now, AR is a tool that can help transform our healthcare sector by providing remote assistance for the industry.  

During this type of crisis, it is necessary to intervene quickly. Today, all of us are acutely aware of the word ‘social distancing.’ Amidst such times, Augmented Reality Remote Assistance has shown how companies or organizations or the most essential – medical teams can collaborate, answer each other quickly no matter if miles far away, and stay connected even in the isolation phase. It is proving to be a useful and flexible tool for the medical and healthcare sector.  

How AR is a feather in our caps during this pandemic?  

Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the fastest-growing segments of the technology field and hitting whole new levels of work performance. It is remodelling the age-old work culture and driving fantastic value.  

  • Remote diagnosis:Healthcare workers can use this distant solution to complete a safe diagnosis of the patients. This is particularly helpful when an in-person visit is difficult, or if it is too risky to travel to different places. Now, doctors can collaborate remotely while sticking to social distancing rules.  
  • Operation of medical devices:The operation of various equipment and devices can be made possible from remote location through AR. The same technology can be utilised to train professional on the various know-hows of these devices.  
  • Pre-liminary testing:Currently, the topmost priority for the patients suffering from coronavirus is of ventilators as the difficulty in breathing is the foremost symptom. In this, AR can be of use for the installation of ventilators or any other equipment through remote installation support in hospitals, even if they are in far-flung areas. It also enables the professional to do a success testing of proper function of the devices.  
  • Inspection and monitoring:By taking daily updates through video, doctors can enable remote patient monitoring, and even consult expert doctor’s advice in case of any emergency. The remote support applications are quite beneficial in critical instances.  
  • Data repository:The use of technology makes it easier to story patients’ history-data. It is an error-free way to capture the daily progress in a safe environment. At this point, medical science is looking to enhance its procedures that are less time consuming and with minimal chances of errors for which AR is a boon.  

For the time being, interacting with virtual humans is a way to go as it helps people feel less isolated in their own houses.  

Plutomen ARMS – Handle your operations remotely during Covid-19  

Between all the irregularities that the Covid-19 situation uncloaks, we are here to help organizations manage their operations remotely and productively. Now, when personal appointments, conferences, and handshakes are replaced with video calls and online virtual meetings, digital technologies are boosting up the way healthcare practices. Plutomen ARMS is the best remote support application that provides an improved and immersive experience to the medical team in training and in repairing and maintenance of equipment. This helps stressed-out healthcare assistants and medical professionals stay safe as they struggle to abolish the coronavirus.  

Collaboration among workers is a significant plus point for introducing AR technology into use. The display of real-time 3D annotations in the actual world and objects help to solve difficulties efficiently and with no extra relocation costs.  

Plutomen ARMS can help you with:  

  • Video & Voice Calls to connect with technical experts by leveraging augmented reality based remote assistance. This would enable vital diagnosis of healthcare in no time, and any other upgrades or repairs. 
  • Training distant doctors and nurses through AR remote support visualization to deliver practical knowledge, and thus transfer and recreate hands-on experiences. 
  • AR-enabled collaboration from both sides for remote assistance and inspection purposes. 
  • AR-based 3D annotations to correctly see thereal-worldobjects virtually in the real world.  

With the power of AR, we can welcome a positive change in the world. Our fundamental objective at this moment is to strengthen the organizations and forefront teams that are jeopardizing their lives each day to ensure our good health and safety.  

For this, Plutomen Technologies have decided to offer PLUTOMEN ARMS to Government, Industries, Health Care or anyone who needs it, for Free Trial till 15 Days, with no obligations to subscribe once free access period ends.  

Let’s contribute from our side in this demanding situation the whole planet is facing and make it our mutual aim and purpose to create the best for humankind.