Training and Compliance

Knowledge is a kernel that powers the workforce forward in an organization. With increasing organizations looking forward to expanding their operations to globally, knowledge impartation has become one of the primary objectives for them. An organization’s competency levels have a direct correlation with its growth rate. Narrowing the knowledge gap makes the organization more competent in tackling the issues put forward by its business environment.

Improve competency levels of your organization with ARMS


Knowledge gap is one of the information-intensive challenges that businesses face today. This can cause problems such as fall in production rates, decrease in the quality of intangible output and increased cost. There is a need for a platform that can impart workers with operation-specific knowledge and skills. Without any platform to establish control, organizations face compliance issues from shopfloor to warehousing. With time, organizations get more complex, adding more processes as they grow bigger. This demands transfer of knowledge and training, which is quite difficult given the size of organization and lack of platform available.


Advantages of ARMS

  • Assists in decreasing the knowledge gap 
  • Improves competency levels across an organization  
  • Provides a platform to share knowledge 
  • Helps in conducting successful training programs 
  • Assists in analyzing gaps in skills 
  • Provides a platform for On The Job Training (OJT)  
  • Minimizes knowledge deficit related risks 
Training and Compliance