Manufacturing industry is collaborating intelligently with futuristic technology and converting itself into an intricate system that facilitates on-the-go instructions, seamless knowledge and skill distribution through an easily accessible platform. AR based remote collaboration assists in increasing the output through uninterrupted workflows.

Augmenting manufacturing processes through ARMS


A multitude of challenges interrupt operations such as lack of knowledge in workers, lack of remote assistance tools available, and more. There is also an increased risk of safe violations in warehousing and manufacturing facilities. A significant wastage be it in terms of time and resources, is caused due to lack of a platform that provides a technological solution to solve bottleneck problems.

Advantages of ARMS

  • Cuts down plant commissioning time significantly 
  • Assists in the smooth installation of industrial machines 
  • Retools and equips workers for productive outcomes 
  • Trains employees improving their safety 
  • Allows for collaboration without field presence 
  • Eliminates the skills gap from the industry 
  • Helps in scaling expertise 
  • Makes front line teams into instant experts