Smooth predictive, preventive, reactive, usage-based, and condition-based maintenance is a must for seamless operations. Technological behemoths that handle massive operations demand periodical maintenance from time to time. Shutdowns can be costly both in terms of time and money, calling for quick dispatch of repairs. Reliance on innovative emerging technologies that are fueled by the powers of XR can significantly help them achieve the momentum to bring out fast productivity. Disruptive technology will help you render precise inspection, reduce downtime, and achieve accelerated remote working capabilities.

Make your technological workhorses more dependable with ARMS


Technological assets are the backbone for any business, and long shut down time can have a massive impact on their productivity. Maintaining these assets to become more reliable is an immediate challenge. Often faced with the lack of scheduling and systematic work structure, the gap in skills and knowledge hampers timely maintenance. Over reliance on past experiences leads to repetition and redundancy and decreased focus on other aspects of operation. Increased dependence on new equipment also causes unpredictable maintenance scenarios. There is also an increased risk of decrease in productivity due to homogenous nature of work and on-the-go task instructions. With the pandemic, it has become even more difficult for experts to travel long distances for troubleshooting repair queries.

Advantages of ARMS

  • Troubleshoot problems remotely on a real-time basis remotely  
  • Enhance customer experience by cutting error rates down to a minimum on all your repairs  
  • Get instant expert work instructions that are mapped in 3D on real life objects 
  • Deliver precise performance based on previous session recordings and usage data from knowledge centres 
  • Conduct seamless root cause problem inspection  
  • Be one step ahead with preventive maintenance  
  • Facilitate productivity in frontline experts  
  • Improve repairs with a panoptical insight on the subject machine