Enterprises are looking to streamline their quality checks, risk assessments and inspection using intelligent technology. For this, they seek to foray their efforts into developing workflows that make their inspection processes more productive and less paper reliant. With technologically powered inspections using AR and VR solutions rendered by the ARMS, they can convert their inspective efforts into fruitful outcomes. Ready data along with an exploded view of the equipment is rendered, making accurate inspections possible.

Make your inspections a one-time job


Manufacturing units worldwide have been affected severely both economically and operationally due to COVID-19. There is an immediate need to combat operational problems through effective and accurate AR powered inspection. Getting fast and productive outcomes has always been an operational challenge. Adding to this, enterprises are constantly faced with risks of long maintenance time in overhauling parts, inaccurate installation of new machinery, ineffective processes that deteriorate quality and more.

Advantages of ARMS

  • Decreases maintenance time through an inspection 
  • Improves the accuracy of installation 
  • Provides useful production data 
  • Helps in conducting RCA of operational problems 
  • Assists in quick inspections narrowing the knowledge gap between novice technician and experts 
  • Makes remote inspections more productive