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remote assistance

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    Connect with your team using real-time collaborative assistance! Communicate effectively and securely through video calling and instant messaging. Share workflow instructions and knowledge bank for enhanced output.

    • AR remote assistance
      It allows real-time intervention and support to your team no matter where you are. Break down the organizational silos with an AR-enabled powerful platform.
    • Integrated platform
      One-stop solution for MRO, training, inspection and field service needs. Live video sessions, instant messaging, workflow instructions and more on a single platform.
    • Dedicated features
      Respective features for users, admins, and guest logins for productivity-driven performance.

    Admin features

    Admin-centric features allow greater control for synchronized performance and hassle-free execution of tasks. Admins can manage users through an interactive dashboard that provides them with a range of administrative options for rendering secure control and task assignment for execution.

    • Centralized user management

      Manage user profiles centrally on seamless platform

    • Admin dashboard & user analytics

      Gain performance insights by measuring value overtime

    • Knowledge Bank

      Gain access to a library of issues resolution and training

    • Access control

      Manage user permissions through powerful admin controls

    User features

    With User-centric features, users gain a smooth channeled control over relevant areas of work. Features such as AR-based instructions in the user’s field of view help them with effective troubleshooting on the field issues. With a knowledge bank containing previously resolved glitches, the user can work with better clarity improving productivity significantly.

    • Guest Login

      Invite guest users to video sessions with easy-to-use user interface

    • AR-based drawing and custom annotations

      Draw and annotate over real-life objects with an AR-based drawing tool

    • Web login

      Experts can login through the web for guidance from anywhere

    • Document sharing

      User controls allow for document sharing with text and image sharing support.

    • Freeze mode

      With this mode, a user can concentrate on drawings better with increased stability.

    How ARMS helps

    Plutomen ARMS facilitates organizations across industries with improved first-time fix rates, decreased downtimes and better knowledge impartation.

    Productivity boost

    Through cross plant expert help and remote resolution, we help you boost productivity

    Remote inspection

    Instant remote root cause analysis improves first-time fix rates for productive outcomes

    Remote resolution

    Travelling hindrance is cut with experts available anytime anywhere


    With a range of experts onboard just a click away, solving on field issues becomes easy

    Time saving

    Remote expert assistance cuts commuting time significantly increasing machine uptime

    Cost Reduction

    Reduction in traveling and logistics time saves considerable costs for the company


    Frontline team remains safe from hazardous environments while maintaining social distancing

    An Integrated platform

    Plutomen ARMS facilitates organizations across industries with improved first-time fix rates, decreased downtimes and better knowledge impartation.

    Enterprise integration
      Enterprise integration
    • Custom integration
    • Cloud support
    • Branding option
    • On-premises support
    • Location-based AR tagging
    • Augmented notes, images, videos
    • Task creation, delegation and updation
    • Live data integration
    Knowledge base
      Knowledge base
    • Training videos
    • Pre-recorded videos for troubleshooting
    • AI-enabled
    • Live data integration
    • AR-based step by step instructions
    • Self-assisted training
    • On-the-go maintenance guide
    • On-premises support
    Messaging corner
      Messaging corner
    • One to one and group chat
    • Document sharing
    • Notifications
    • Chatbot
    Cross platform compatibility
      Cross platform compatibility
    • Android
    • iOS
    • Tablet & PC


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