Handle increased pressure of building and maintaining telecom infrastructure due to an increasing wireless traffic by adopting a remote AR/AM model. Avoid extended periods of interruption and fulfill the need of connectivity with remote assistance even where the workforce is unavailable. This not only reduces operational costs, but also improves on-site technician productivity.

Disconnect network congestion-induced losses with ARMS


Growth in the Internet of Things (IoT) coupled with the growing popularity of OTT platforms calls for high quality, reliable and affordable seamless services. Besides, in the age of digital payment and work culture, privacy and security issues, there are the core areas a telecom company needs to address on an urgent basis. Agile reconfiguration of cloud, level of ICT innovations, cross-functional interface is needed to give flexibility to organizations as they ready the infrastructure for the 5G network.

Advantages of ARMS

  • First call resolutions
  • Machinery & equipment installation
  • Training to technical experts
  • Efficient real-time data sharing
  • Inspection of telecom connectors
  • Real-time troubleshooting