Smart cities

Smart cities

With the number of smart city projects expected to increase in coming years to effectively fight unexpected situations like the Covid-19 pandemic, getting the right assistance and technological guidance whenever and wherever needed is now a top priority. Even with a limited workforce, preventing delays in building digital and sustainable cities with a robust sensor network is possible with AR-VR platforms.

Work smart, build smart with ARMS


Finding the right technologies, sustaining and maintaining them is a major issue since they may vary as per a particular city’s requirements. Constant monitoring of data traffic, ever-increasing volume of sensors and high demand for cybersecurity calls for a large pool of technical and skilled human resources, which are really expensive.

Advantages of ARMS

  • Improved FTFR to boost control system performance
  • Remote guidance to front-line staff
  • Repair, maintenance of smart utilities
  • Immediate troubleshooting with remote instruction
Smart cities