Renewable energy

Renewable energy

The new normal in Covid-19 has an impact on the performance of renewable energy plants. In the windy season, planned maintenance is quite a task as technicians take time to reach the project sites. Expensive phasor measurement units (PMUs) require good maintenance and service. Grab the helping hand for installations and services, and make project schedules feasible by going digital at competitive rates.

Fast-track installations and inspections with ARMS


The renewable energy sector is faced with challenges of stability and the high efficiency of the network. The power grid and industrial process can suffer badly due to poor power quality. Unavailability of a skilled workforce can lead to equipment glitches like transmission lines transits, frequency disorder, voltage variation and voltage/current harmonics.

Advantages of ARMS

  • Removes routine bottlenecks & increases productivity  
  • Connects solution-seeker with solution-giver  
  • Renders effective maintenance with speedy diffusion of skills & information  
  • Facilitates immersive troubleshooting for a satisfactory resolution  
  • Provides AR-based training for wind turbines/plant operations  
  • AR offers cost-effective solutions  
  • AR-based solutions reduce risks  
  • Increases awareness of renewable energy  
Renewable energy