Safety is always a top priority in the power sector. The latest immersive technologies with remote assistance not just help the sector to keep the engines running but also enhances safety in a high-voltage environment. With the help of AR/VR platforms, it is now possible to achieve the target of power generation based on the forecast of the demand without any delays and downtime want of human resources at sites.

Let ARMS handle the high-voltage risk


Component failures, grid downtime or transmission system errors can disrupt the supply without a warning. Meet the workforce training and skills needs with the help of digitization in an era of increased power consumption. Enhanced focus is needed on system load shape, transmission system expansion, system dispatch and new control needs.

Advantages of ARMS

  • Condition-based proactive maintenance
  • Unscheduled outages handling
  • Reduction in transformer failure rate
  • Transformer Electronic Control (TEC) system inspection
  • Performance ratio monitoring
  • Equipment conditioning
  • Fleet analysis