Packaging & Production

Packaging & Production

The industry suffered grievous dents amid Covid-19 pandemic, facing shutdowns and job cuts. Now on course to recovery, achieving engineering-related goals like minimum downtime will be quite a task for the industry as demand is set to zoom. The industry catering to a huge pool of packaging, printing and labelling sector has shown a lot of promise by bolstering its strengths like skills, technology and efficiency amid digital changes, rising raw material costs and limited budgetary options.

Remove assembly line bottlenecks with ARMS


Reaching pre-Covid production level with limited manpower has its share of both technical and technological challenges to keep operational snags at bay. Finding the most viable option to remove bottlenecks in order to enable a seamless tapeline assembly, visual examination, rotogravure doctoring and smooth warehouse operation are some of the big hurdles for this sector. 

Advantages of ARMS

  • Facilitates remote collaboration of vertical heads 
  • Provides an AI-enabled training tool 
  • Delivers assistance for MRO functions 
  • Renders inspections of printer functions and production 
  • Assists with printers & conveyors installations 
  • Trains via 3D demonstrations 
Packaging & Production