Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

For an industry that needs maximum uptime, AR/VR-enabled preventive maintenance and remote diagnostic can be utilized to decrease dependency on the workforce’s physical presence. ARMS addresses glitches in production and supply lines in the absence of supervisors or technicians with remote field service procedures. When the challenge is to get skilled human resources on far-off sites, ARMS helps them digitally to save time and expensive site visits.

Ensure uninterrupted upstream, midstream and downstream ops with ARMS


Be it exportation, exploration, or extraction, all phases require round-the-clock technical support. At the same time, oil and gas companies need to reduce costs to remain competitive, ensuring valorization of assets. Addressing environmental concerns like oil spills, water pollution, clean-ups, and greenhouse emissions through technology are also major challenges.

Advantages of ARMS

  • Dissolved gas and frequency response analysis
  • Troubleshooting at oil treatment plants (OTP)
  • Gas separators inspections
  • Oil and gas custody metering system
  • Maintenance of auxiliary process equipments
  • Monitoring at slide gates
  • Safety training modules
Oil and Gas