Already faced with the challenge of keeping up with constantly advancing technology, medical equipment manufacturers have been grappling with its biggest hurdle yet since the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic worldwide. The changing tech landscape underlines the need for a high SLA compliance ratio along with with accurate and glitch-free hardware and software that ensure maximum uptime. A close collaboration between medical equipment manufacturers and software developers is critical for recurring revenues and a smooth functioning of the sector.

Keep pace with technology for a healthier world


Healthcare simply cannot afford any leniency in the upkeep of medical equipment. High demand coupled with limited resources has posed major challenges for manufacturers in streamlining operations and innovating quickly to maintain clinical allied support, timely MRO, and equipment quality precision inspection to name a few. Efficient and accurate maintenance and operation of surgery equipment, medical disposables, diagnostic and suction machines, clinical lab devices, and OT equipment pose a big challenge in the absence of trained hands.

Advantages of ARMS

  • Real-time remote collaboration
  • MRO assistance
  • Machinery equipment training
  • Streamlined inspection
  • Data repository for production, manuals
  • Virtual installation demonstration
  • Effective delegation of tasks
  • Training via 3D demonstrations