Food and Beverages

Food and Beverages

With high demand, the F&B industry was going strong before the world came to a standstill after the Covid-19 outbreak. The sector has adapted well to constantly changing technologies and dynamics to enable the brands to meet consumer demands. Ensuring key metrics like units per hour, batch processing, assembly line, and laboratory systems function uninterrupted is vital in this industry.

Make up for the lost workforce with ARMS


Innovations to reach the pre-Covid production level is what this sector needs the most considering the massive losses, both financially and resource-wise, suffered by manufacturers. Not many manufacturers would be able to afford costly and time-consuming physical services for their machinery in the absence of adequate workforce. From remote troubleshooting to cloud computing, shifting to an all-new platform for seamless operations has become both a necessity and a challenge.

Advantages of ARMS

  • Guaranteed social distancing
  • Cuts down maintenance expenses by training on-site workers
  • AR/VR-based staff training is quicker
  • AR glasses ensure faster repairs
Food and Beverages