Defense is among a few sectors with no room for error and plenty of space to ramp up manufacturing capabilities. Uncertainties due to Covid-19 or any other triggers may come in the way of meeting the infrastructure needs, erasing supply chain risks, and increase the availability of resources and workforce. Maintaining the value of production amid tight schedules and budget holds the key, along with cost savings through effective transfer of technology (ToT). With AR platforms, push the manufacturing process towards digitization and become self-reliant through remote assistance.

Cease operation suspensions completely with ARMS


Be it the arms industry, military weaponry servicing, or other munitions, the challenge is to have smooth functioning. It calls for a skilled workforce and the latest software to get rid of snags quickly. The evolution of weaponry and cybersecurity threats has also enhanced the need for real-time verification and export-controlled remote repair guidance.

Advantages of ARMS

  • Performs, assigns and tracks critical maintenance 
  • Facilitates environmental, health & safety (EHS) inspections 
  • Provides proactive preventive maintenance 
  • Conducts S-O-S fluid analysis 
  • Collects historical repair data 
  • Offers on-field training modules