Construction & Engineering

Construction & Engineering

Coronavirus has spared none, and among the worst-hit are the construction & engineering companies. Non-stop construction is now the only way out of lockdown-induced project delays/cancellations. It will require more advanced construction machines like tower cranes, pile drivers, excavators, and trenchers to make up for the lost skilled and unskilled workforce. A robust, fast, and inexpensive remote technical support system is needed for rigorous project monitoring to ensure maximum uptime.

Achieve uninterrupted on-site progress through maximum machine uptime with ARMS


Digital transformation is the order of the day, with health becoming the top priority of most businesses in the post-Covid world. Continuing operations with a reduced workforce, budget cuts, disrupted the supply chain, and low demand calls for leveraging virtual services. Workforce migration has popped up multiple challenges for equipment commissioning, site erection, components identification, and training new employees. Adopting virtual services in an industry so far identified with the ‘physically present’ system is now a necessity.

Advantages of ARMS

  • Facilitates training for handlers 
  • Reduces mean time between failures (MTBF) 
  • Troubleshoots problems for OEMs 
  • Assists in maintenance, repair & overhaul 
  • Provides the convenience of remote controlling 
  • Extension to machine life 
Construction & Engineering