Plutomen ARMS : AR based Self Assistance and Remote Collaboration Platform

Our platform leverages Augmented Reality to enable collaboration between Field Service Engineers and Off site Employees. The display of real-time 3D annotations on environments and objects help teams solve problems efficiently and with no extra relocation costs. Platform helps with remote troubleshooting, installations, MRO, inspection and training.


On Downloading from Play Store or App Store, Login with predefined credentials

Step One: Go to Playstore or Apple Store
Step Two: Download the application
Step Three: Log into your account

Recent call List

Recent list will display the incoming and outgoing call details

  • User Will be able to view the list of recent call along with
  • Date & Time
  • Call duration
  • Call Type : missed/Incoming/outgoing
  • User can call a person By Clicking on the name of person from the list
  • By swiping on a particular name to the left, the User will able to see a cross button from which the User will be able to Remove/delete a name from the list

Contact List

This list will contain the name of users assigned to the group. The call can be placed only to the predefined members in the group. Users can make the call by swiping left on the user and clicking on the call button.

The contact list also provides a Search Contact Facility

User Profile

This Screen contains the Information of the user as displayed along with logout facility

  • Email
  • Mobile Number
  • Department

How ARMS Call Works

Field Service Engineer or any user looking for the support at a remote location will make the call. When the user makes a call from the contact or recent list, a call will be placed showing the receiver’s name .

On call

When the user is on the recieving end of the call, he will be presented with the following options:

  • Call Acceptance
  • Call Rejection

Call Acceptance

As the receiver accepts the call, the video call will begin.

In case the device is locked the user will first have to accept the call and then unlock their phone in order to continue the Video call.

Unlock feature and screen may differ, depending on the device.

Call Rejection

If the receiver rejects the call, the caller will be notified that the call has been rejected

And will get the Call Back option: As displayed in the following screen User will be able to Close the Call Back option or can make a call again.

Call join with Link or Code

The registered logged in user has the access to create a 9-digit Code or a Link for the guest user so as to join the call, using which the guest user gets added on the ongoing call.

Guest User Access

The guest user access is for the users who are not yet registered with ARMS . They can join the call via a link or a 9-digit code which is created by a logged in user of the ARMS app.

For using guest login features, users have to give some details to join a call as a guest user. Here are the details which app requires:

  • Username
  • Email id
  • Mobile number

By giving these details, the user will be able to login as a guest in ARMS but cannot access all the features.

AR Based Remote Assistance

Field Service Engineer or any user looking for the support at a remote location will make the call. When the user makes a call from the contact or recent list, a call will be placed showing the receiver’s name .

How to Add annotation

To add an annotation, the user needs to

  • Open settings
  • It will display the list of annotations for use
  • Select any annotation
  • Tap on the particular position / place he wants to place the annotation

Caller Side

In an ongoing call, the user gets to add annotations that can be viewed by the reciever. These annotations can be customized in 3D using the drawing tools provided in the interface. Users can input multiple annotations as per their convenience to work with ease.

Receiver Side

On the reciever side, annotations can be added in 3D with a range of customizations and drawing tools with different sizing and fill options. The receiver can use flash in case of dim environments. There is also an option to undo and delete annotations which provides the receiver freedom to collaborate better.

Drawing with Multiple Colors

To differentiate or highlight a particular section, the users can choose from the available color option to draw as per the choice and requirements. The user can collaborate better with a range of tools available to choose from comprising different colors and fill options along with stroke sizes.

Screenshot Capture

On an ongoing call, the user can take a screenshot of the screen, using the Screenshot Feature .

Users can add and share the screenshot with predefined tags along with a description of the image and also save it in the ARMS Gallery.

Freeze Mode

In case a user needs to hold the device at a particular location for a long time or want to check for a specific area, to maintain the stability Freeze mode feature can be used.

They would be able to draw on the screen. Sender & receiver both can freeze and unfreeze the screen.

On unfreezing the screen, the annotations and drawings would be erased.


The screenshots and video recordings of the ARMS ongoing call are saved in the ARMS Gallery along with their predefined tags & descriptions.

To help the user find an image, video or document, they can search based on the tags allotted for the particular file.

The images and videos are saved in accordance with their format type and date.

Web-browser Support

Web Browser Support is available on Laptop and Desktop.

The offsite team member/ expert/supervisor can support the front-line team member while sitting at home or office.

It is mandatory for the person who is on Site to connect from Mobile/Tablet Device.

Call Recording

Based on the access given to the users by the Admin, both the caller & receiver will be to record the ongoing ARMS AR based video collaboration call, which can be saved with predefined tags along with the description.