Ravi Patel
Ravi Patel

Chief Design Officer

“ Deliver expertise in the domain emerging technologies by enhancing end-user experience through a panoptical visualization of an immersive environment for technological applications based on AR, VR, and MR”

Ravi has specialized in converting technical complexities of futuristic technology into aesthetically revamped immersive environments suitable for use by field technicians. He seeks to channel his mastery in multimedia tools into developing user-friendly and experience-enhancing interactive environments based on emerging technologies such as AR, VR, and MR for enterprises across industries. Having previously lead companies such as Scapesworks and Oryden Techlabs in area of designing, he has developed a knack for giving birth to innovative designs. He is currently working as a Chief Design Officer of Plutomen Technologies.

Relevant Experience

  • Chief Design Officer – Plutomen Technologies Ltd.
  • Head of Design Department - Scapesworks
  • Design Director – Oryden TechLabs
  • 3D Visualizer for Eyecon Design Private Ltd.


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